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Why use JetPay…?

Consistently ranked in the top 5 payment processors in global e-commerce.

Businesses like Expedia (with JetPay Corporation) and Woot trust JetPay globally to get them paid. Securely, reliably and fast. That’s a basic requirement – and we excel at it. But that’s just the start.

When we tell you JetPay processing adds value, we mean we’ll minimise the risk of failure and maximise your profits. 

First, we eliminate third party gateways because we are one of the very few true end-to-end processors. We do it all in-house. At the front end, we own and operate our own payment authorisation platform; at the back end, we handle clearing and settlement and deposit the funds direct to your account. In other words, as an FCA-approved (Financial Conduct Authority) institution,  there are just three of us in the loop – you, JetPay and the Scheme Networks. That means no gateway downtime and no gateway fees – so you don’t pay for another point of failure.

Second, we innovate in ways that matter to you. Whether it’s big ticket problems, like multicurrency processing or chargebacks, or small details that drag on your margins, like interchange compliance and real-time reporting, we will get to grips with the issues you face and deliver solutions that generate revenue and make you more competitive.

Why not let CEO Trent Voigt explain below…

2015 Card Not Present Expo : Orlando Florida : Keynote speech : Trent Voigt, CEO, JetPay

Video 1: Introduction : In May 2015 JetPay’s CEO Trent Voigt was invited to make a keynote speech to the delegates of the CardNotPresent Expo in Orlando, Florida. In a 30 minute speech Trent covered many aspects of card processing – in the US and in Europe – focusing on his European experiences of the EMV integration and other important security aspects as well as global reach, cross border fees and the benefits of dynamic currency conversion

Video 2: Trent covers the the significance of Card Not Present transactions (CNP) as well as JetPay’s experiences of combatting fraud. This leads to the adoption of Chip & Pin in Europe vs Chip and Signature in the US. He wraps up this section by relating his views of both JetPay’s security products and those of competitors – and talks at length about 3DSecure, Verified by Visa and the liabilities of the card issuer.

Video 3: covers Fraud detection particularly focused on MOTO retailers and Call Centres. He recommends delegates investigating all the anti fraud products on show in the Expo. He imparts real-world knowledge of fraudulent chargebacks citing a high street camera seller as an example and what this might mean for them. He concludes that when the fraudsters can’t attack the high street so easily – they will move (back) to the internet. Hence his recommendation of the use of fraud tools.

Video 3: covers Global Reach – offering advice for US merchants to sell in Europe. He advises against the Do Nothing approach especially. A key topic here is Cross-Border fees and rise in costs including interchange. JetPay’s Dynamic Currency Conversion is explained – and he warns of keeping up with selling products in different currencies. Consequently he leads on to explain the real benefits of effective currency conversion using foreign merchant accounts (including domicile requirements) – and why using just one processor is better.

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From online and mobile payments to batch processing and recurring
we make e-commerce work.

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Custom Solutions

We’re not just processors. We’re problem solvers.Whatever the issue, we’ll create a solution. Fast. With custom products, programming or reports designed to make your business more profitable.

JetPay goes way beyond your average processor. We’re problem solvers. So we don’t just know our business – we make sure we understand yours and how processing can make you more profitable.  Custom products? All the time. Our solutions can make big savings – securely & efficiently.

Custom programming? No problem.  A hotel client needed a promotion tied to airport parking. We took a pre-paid $120 giftcard and made it one-use-only at that particular airport car park.  Custom reports? Absolutely.  We spotted an accounting issue with that airport parking card that the client hadn’t done – and we solved it, with a report that told them what their liability was.  At JetPay, no problem is too big or too complex. If you want it, we can do it. Fast. Just get in touch with us.

Technology that drives the industry

Tell me about…

Jetpay Solutions Limited is authorised in the UK by the Financial Conduct Authority under the Electronic Money Regulations 2011 (register ref.90006) for the issuing of electronic money and the provision of payment services.

That means that we don’t just process your transactions end-to-end we are also the Acquirers that take on the financial risk of your transactions. Why does that matter to you? Three reasons, all to your advantage:

You don’t pay for third party gateways (the ISOs or ISAs that other Acquiring Institutions use) because we are a one-stop shop: your Processor and Acquiring Institution.

You get a better deal on rates because, as your Acquiring Institution, we dont have to pay an Acquiring Bank to be a partner in the merchant relationship, so can negotiate a better deal for you by removing the Gateway and Acquiring Bank fees.

We eliminate a point of failure from your transactions because we eliminate the middle men whose systems can go down and lose you sales. Our closed system is fast, secure and good for business.

We work with some of the largest e-commerce sites on the web today, delivering an expert range of payment processing services that we can tailor, at record speed, to specialised needs – and always driven by our focus on helping to increase our customers’ profits.

We specialise in secure, high-speed, high-volume technology solutions for the e-Commerce and card-not-present marketplace and we work with virtually any access point or device, from mobiles, PCs, and electronic terminals to internet gateways merchant host interfaces and POS systems.

From online and mobile payments to batch processing and recurring payments, we make e-Commerce work. Learn more…?

The JetPay platform is built the same way code is built today: object-oriented programming and XML. Why does that help you?

Because if it makes us faster, more flexible and more responsive than our competitors, it does exactly the same for you.

And to us, that IS what our technology is about. We may be the tech leaders in this industry, but for us, it is just a means to an end: improving your profitability. Learn more…?

We’re here to make your job easy

The industry may be getting more complex and prescriptive, but we want to make your life easier. If you need to develop software or integrate our products with your website, this is where you’ll find the latest information on JetPay products, supporting sample code and scripts and the current status on our testing environment and testing loads.

As part of becoming a registered JetPay developer, we’ll enrol you in our certification program (free to registered developers) to ensure your development is certified to the JetPay platform as well as meeting the PCI requirements.

Subscribe to our RSS feed to hear about patches and any test environment issues that might affect your development, how to get help with your integration, PCI information on levels and your responsibilities as a developer of payment products or services.

Get test data and information critical to integration and applications with us:

• Card Numbers, AVS, ZIP and CVV data specific to JetPay development
• Test ABA and DDA information for ACH development
• Full error code list for our JetCom.dll
• Virtual Terminal error codes and guides
• Response Codes for Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express

Learn more…?  Note: this link will take you to the JetPay’s Developer Zone in the US.

Do we build custom products? All the time!.

We’re not just processors. We’re problem solvers. Whatever the issue, we’ll create a solution. Fast– with custom products, programming or reports designed to make your business more profitable.

Don’t forget that JetPay is not your average processor. We’re big problem solvers. So we don’t just know our business – we make sure we understand yours and how processing can make you more profitable. Learn more…?