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Secure Tokenisation

Security is front of mind in this industry, for obvious reasons. It’s our focus too, and our security products, some unique, virtually eliminate your exposure to threat. They also improve your bottom line.

If you process, store or transmit credit card information, you are required, by the PCI DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard), to keep it secure. The most effective way of complying with that? Don’t store card information at all. Eliminate it from your network.

Our Secure Tokenisation program replaces sensitive card data on your systems with a unique token that is of no value to criminals (or staff) as they cannot engineer it back to the card numbers. The sensitive data, hardened with our PCI-compliant algorithms and encryption, and stored under maximum security, can only be read by the JetPay processors that generated the token.

The benefits are obvious. More sales, less hassle, greater reliability, more profit:

  • More customers trusting you with their details means higher sales.
  • Recurring payments, repeat purchases and refunds are easier and more secure.
  • By working with Auto-Updater, it boosts security on automatic card updates.
  • With card data now secure, you could move more processes and systems to the cloud, with all the efficiency, flexibility and cost savings that brings.
  • Fewer problems with your Issuer over reimbursement and legal action.
  • No more PCI audits.
  • No more third party Token Service Providers. We do it all in-house, giving you one less layer of expense and one less point of failure.

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