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Real-Time Security   [Fraud & Risk Protection]

Our advanced software analyses buying patterns. When it suspects a problem (it’s 99% accurate), it alerts you immediately, so you have time to decline payments before you lose money.

What’s the number one concern around credit cards? Security. For customers, that’s obvious. But for you, security is more than a concern, it’s a responsibility. When you accept payment by card, you are also accepting to keep that data safe.

So what do you need? To know that your processor is analysing payment activity to identify potential fraud or tumbling attacks. But what value is that if it’s done or reported once a day? Very little. Yet that’s all you get from most services.

With JetPay, fraud and risk protection is real-time. If we think there’s a problem, we tell you immediately, so you can take action. Our advanced program analyses purchasing patterns and overall trends on your account. If it suspects a transaction of being fraud, or tumbling, it alerts you that instant, so you can accept the transaction – or decline it before you lose money.

How does that effect you?   99% accurate | no time wasting

Our sophisticated Real-time Fraud and Risk Monitoring is included in every processing account. If you want to eliminate your risk of card data theft, check our Secure Tokenisation and JetDirect software as well.

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