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Real-Time Reporting

If you need a snapshot of current transactions, deposits or refunds – or fraud, funding and chargebacks – you need it now, not tomorrow. Our GetReporting service gives you exactly that: a clear and customisable real-time picture of any user’s account, whenever you need it.

Concerned you’re nearing your chargeback limit? Find out immediately. Need a customised report to import to your General Ledger system? We’ll run a customised report, with all the fields you require for your General Ledger import, and send it to you daily – even several times a day. Does one department need a partial refund breakdown? We can configure down to a specific user level.

Want to give Customer Service the ability to refund transactions or give partial refunds for service issues but without having access to card information? GetReporting handles that at a click of a button. Users with privilege can look up a transaction online and click a button for a full or partial refund. Click DONE and you are done – a happy customer and a PCI secure environment. We export to any standard PC/Mac computers in CSV, Excel, PDF. It’s flexible, comprehensive, secure. And all in real-time.

As for fraud, our real-time Fraud and Risk Monitoring software is built in to all JetPay processing accounts, analysing payment activity so it can alert you immediately to any suspect transactions.

Real-time Reporting:  Immediate, customised snapshots of any any account. Whatever you need to know, whenever you need to know it.

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