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JetDirect Tokenisation

JetDirect is a unique interface that we plug into your website, but which you have no access to. Like Secure Tokenisation, it cuts the costs and burden of storing customer card information because hackers and staff can only access tokens, not card data.

The difference with JetDirect Tokenisation is that you never hold the card data at all, even for the few milliseconds it would normally take you to receive card details and transmit them to us for tokenisation. And because it’s JetPay hosting the iframe on your site,  its JetPay collecting the data. You never see it at all. It is 100% secure.

Fast and seamless, we can integrate JetDirect into almost any e-commerce or software environment – so you can have it working in just a few hours, with no downtime and no change to the look and feel of your site.

You get all the benefits of tokenisation – consumer confidence, easier refunds and recurring payments, more reliability, safer migration to the cloud. And because you never see the data at all, you cut your PCI liability to zero. So no more expensive and time consuming PCI audits – just a short questionnaire.

JetDirect Tokenisation: the ultimate in security? You never hold card data at all. Because we collect the data on our software on your site.

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