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Custom Solutions

We’re XML based. It’s fast, flexible and reliable – and so are we. If you want it, we can do it – in weeks, even days. We build custom solutions & products, programming and reports around your needs and workflow, not ours.

There are no legacy systems holding us back at JetPay. We were the first processors to build a platform on XML and object-oriented programing – the same way code is built. We set the standard for the industry – and we’re still ahead.

XML means we react and move much faster to solve your problems, keeping you ahead of your competitors. While some processors need months, even years, to deliver custom applications, we’ve got the energy and the means to sort it in weeks, even days. Here’s a case study…

When American Express asked us to adopt their new program, OptBlue, they thought we’d take 6-12 months – like all the other processors quoted. But with our Founder and CEO, Trent Voigt, driving it from the start, like he does with all key accounts, we adapted our workflow to American Express’s needs and processed their first transaction in just 3 months.

We’re not just processors here – we love solving problems. Whatever your issue, we’ll fix it fast, with a simple but robust browser-based solution. No special software, setup or network connectivity required.

But whether they are bespoke or off the peg, we never forget what our solutions are ultimately for: enhancing your revenue and improving your bottom line.