Android – Configure the SDK

iOS - Configure the SDK Configuring Required Settings 1. At a minimum, before your app can use the SDK, you must set a number of configuration options. This task is performed through the JPConfiguration object and normally done once-only by your AppDelegate object. However, these settings can be [...]

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Industry Insight: PCI DSS

Industry Insight UK PCI DSS? You should know this... PCI DSS - What is it? Does it affect you? How do you comply? Allow us to explain… PCI DSS - that’s the Payment Card Industries Data Security Standard - started life as a number of [...]

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Industry Insight: Friendly Fraud

Industry Insight UK Friendly Fraud: think outside the box... In this latest Industry Insight from JetPay Solutions - we look at another hot topic which follows on from our last newsletter discussing Chargebacks. This time - it's Friendly Fraud. What is it? How does it [...]

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Industry Insight: Chargebacks 101

Industry Insight UK Chargebacks 101: what you should know... Here at JetPay many merchants especially those new to CNP and eCommerce environments ask us about Chargebacks - what they are, what they mean and most importantly what they can do to prevent them happening. So [...]

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Industry Insight: Security and the future of 3DSecure

Industry Insight UK Security: the future of 3DS There’s been a lot written about Chip Cards finally arriving in the US.  Industry commentators estimate that Chip Cards will reduce credit card fraud by 40%.    As always with powerful initiatives such as this - [...]

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