Android – Configure the SDK

iOS - Configure the SDK Configuring Required Settings 1. At a minimum, before your app can use the SDK, you must set a number of configuration options. This task is performed through the JPConfiguration object and normally done once-only by your AppDelegate object. However, these settings can be [...]

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Industry Insight: PCI DSS

Industry Insight UK PCI DSS? You should know this... PCI DSS - What is it? Does it affect you? How do you comply? Allow us to explain… PCI DSS - that’s the Payment Card Industries Data Security Standard - started life as a number of [...]

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Industry Insight: Friendly Fraud

Industry Insight UK Friendly Fraud: think outside the box... In this latest Industry Insight from JetPay Solutions - we look at another hot topic which follows on from our last newsletter discussing Chargebacks. This time - it's Friendly Fraud. What is it? How does it [...]

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Industry Insight: Chargebacks 101

Industry Insight UK Chargebacks 101: what you should know... Here at JetPay many merchants especially those new to CNP and eCommerce environments ask us about Chargebacks - what they are, what they mean and most importantly what they can do to prevent them happening. So [...]

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Industry Insight: Security and the future of 3DSecure

Industry Insight UK Security: the future of 3DS There’s been a lot written about Chip Cards finally arriving in the US.  Industry commentators estimate that Chip Cards will reduce credit card fraud by 40%.    As always with powerful initiatives such as this - [...]

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JetPay Payment Services in the Oracle Cloud Marketplace

March 2, 2015 JetPay® Payment Services, a division of JetPay Corporation (NASDAQ: JTPY), a leading provider of debit/credit card processing, payroll/HR/TLM services and prepaid card services, today announced that its JetPay payments solution is now available in the Oracle Cloud Marketplace offering added value to Oracle Sales Cloud. JetPay’s application enables access [...]

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