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Batch Processing

What’s the point of batch processing? To allow volume sales businesses to process their transactions more quickly, easily, securely and cost-effectively? Yes. We do that – it’s a given. But JetPay batch processing adds value too. We’ll help you use it to do better business. To understand your customers, evaluate marketing – and maximise income.

It’s fast. 
JetPay Batch Processing uses the fastest transaction available and supports over 400 transactions per second – with Real-time Reporting in seconds.

All our business processes are secured by standard 128-bit digital secure sockets layer (SSL) encryption and protected by our complete and customisable fraud screening tools and velocity checking. Build in our secure tokenisation product or JetDirect and you maximise efficiency, minimise risk.

We’re not just talking about lower fees. There is no extra infrastructure to invest in either. No need to lease expensive lines or put up with dial-up. You simply deliver and retrieve files through a secure FTP process over the internet.

And built for better business
The enriched information in our reports help you understand customers better so you can target marketing and promotions more effectively and track your success. Combine batch processing with Recurring Payments, Auto Updater and Dynamic Descriptors and you will not only minimise your chances of queries or chargebacks, but maximise payments.

Batch processing: we’ll help you use it to maximise your income and effectiveness.

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